Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Watch out everyone here they come! Logan is a cowboy, Christian is a cowboy, Gavyn is a death killer something or other, Jaidyn is War Machine (Iron Man 2), and Emmalee is a black cat the hisses and scratches you when she talks to you.
Halloween was super fun. We had such an eventful weekend! It seems almost like we just need a bit more time to actually recoup from it all! Oh well, when does anyone ever get the chance to catch up on sleep anyhow?
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Halloween 2010

Gavyn was a scary killer guy, Jaidyn was War Machine (from Iron Man 2), and Emmalee was a black cat that hissed and scratched at you. They were all very cute when they went trick or treating. Although, I have to say it was sort of confusing since every time Emmalee left a house she would say, "Thank you! Happy Birthday!" We kept telling her to say Happy Halloween, but for some reason she liked to say happy birthday instead. The best thing about this year was that we did not need to bring a stroller, and nor did we end up carrying anyone! Woo hoo!!! Best Halloween EVER!!!!!!!!!
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Halloween Fair 2010

Here are just some random silly shots of the kids at the fair. Of course if it has a face hole in it we had to get a picture with it!

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Rock Climbing

In Woodland Hills they have this really neat fair for the holidays. We took the kids the Friday before Halloween. It was really fun. There was a spooky corn maze that Andy, Logan, and Christian went in. No thank you, but I was so gracious as to pass in fear of being massacred by some crazy nut job hiding out in the corn field.
Instead I hung out with the cute little monsters that came with us. We had so much fun! We milked a fake cow, we panned for gold, and the two little boys went rock climbing! They did so good. I am seriously impressed. I mean I am so afraid of heights that I would have gotten two feet off the ground and froze with fear. But my little mountain goats made it to the top lickety split! Emmalee and I cheered them on from the sidelines.
Once Andy and the two more braver kids of mine were done with the maze, they had to also try their skills on the rock wall. They did just as good. Actually they all did excellent! It was so fun to just hang out and have fun for a change.
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Pucker Up!

Andy bought all of the kids these giant lip suckers hoping that is would keep them quiet while we were driving in the car. Sorry babe, but sugar and quiet just do not miss! Better luck next time. Still they all looked really cute with there smiles.
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Friday, October 1, 2010

I Started My Own Business!

Like I am not busy enough, I started my own business! I have a website that you can check out my leis and other things on there. The website is http://www.comeoniwannaleiya.com/ I make custom leis for all occasions. Go and check out the pictures. I am going to expand it to gift baskets and a clothing line also. I am tinkering with a few names for the clothing line. So far it is between Lei Ya and Modess T. I am not sure which way I am going to go with the name yet. Lei Ya sort of goes with the Come On I Wanna Lei Ya name of my company. Plus I want to include a swimwear line. But I love the name Modess T Maybe I will just have two clothing lines, and see if either one of them take off!

This here is the dollor lei. This one has $50 in ones on it.
This lei is the plumeria lei with money butterflies on it. A great way to give cash, and not have to shove it in a card. Plus it makes it fun when they have to go and take the money off to spend it! lol
These are the bride and groom kukui nut money leis They look beautiful once they are on the couple!

And this is the super yummy 7lb. Jolly Rancher Lei! Heavy, but full of fun! I do it with other candies too. You just have to pick your favorite wrapped candy, and I will make it for you!

Go check my site out! It have even more stuff than you are seeing on this blog! http://www.comeoniwannaleiya.com/
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My Three Little Piggies!

I call them my three little piggies because they really do make such a mess around the house! I mean one minute everything is clean and vacuumed, and the next it looks like it was never picked up. But the other reason is because I like to tell them that story and have them actually be the little pigs. They really like it too. Just to see these little guys light up when they hear their names in a story is so worth everything.
So , I am home schooling all the kids this year. Yes, I am a little crazy, but at the same time, I figure why not add one more thing to my busy schedule! After all, isn't a mom suppose to do what she feels is best for her kids no matter what?
They all seem to really like the home school thing. I print out their schedules on Monday, and if they get it all done before Friday, then we get to go somewhere fun. Like tomorrow we are going to the movies!!!! I haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, so off to the $3 theather we will go!
Gavyn smiling big for the camera!

Jaidyn looking at something in the grass!
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Andy and Kelly Together Forever