Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

So life at our house has been pretty busy. The kids are in school, and who would of thought that I would be more busy then when I taught them at home. I have been on the go since the day school has started.

Anyhow, they all love school, it took Gavyn about two weeks to warm up to the idea of having to stay there all day. Every night he would tell me he was going to wake up the next day sick, and that I should be prepared. Now he runs or skips right in the gate, and doesn't even look back. Although he still tells me that going to school all day is way too much for him.

Logan is loving 4th grade. His teacher is, well not my idea of a great teacher, but she is new and trying really hard, so I can't complain much. She really loves homework though, and I am going to have to talk to her about it. It seems like all Logan does is homework and reading and studying spelling words. I am afraid he might get burnt out too quickly.

Christian is of course a total social butterfly. He has made tons of friends, and has let me know that there are several girls that he likes. I am going to have to lock that boy in a closet till he is 25 just so I can survive. In his class his teacher does the ticket system to reward the students with extra prized for doing a good thing. So anyhow Christian comes home on day and is like "Mom I told a joke in class today, and Mrs. Markum apparently didn't think it was very funny!" So I said, "Really how do you know that she didn't like it?" Christian says, "Well, she made me pay her 100 tickets, so I assume that means she didn't like my joke. But my friend George liked it, he was laughing." So I was like well what was going on was it quiet time, or something like that?" He was like, "No, it was free choice." So, I said, "Hmm it must have just been a really bad joke then." Inside I was laughing. So I told him to try not to tell jokes in class. He seems to have a bit of his dad in him, trying to tell jokes and get laughs in class, I can't wait till parent teacher conference. lol

Since Jaidyn is home with Emmalee, and she doesn't do much, he of course is bored out of his mind. He gets into everything, and I have to keep him busy so the house does not look like a Jaidyn tornado attacked. He is going to be starting speech in a couple of weeks though, so that will give him something to look forward too.

Emmalee is of course getting giant. She is sitting up, and starting to crawl. She has gotten her two bottom teeth, and now her top fangs are coming through, so we were thinking a little vampire for Halloween would be appropriate. I am still waiting for her hair to grow, and it seems like that is the only part of her body that is taking its own sweet time. Probably because it knows I am so anxious to put it in piggy tails and all that fun stuff.

Andy has been super busy at work, doing all the fun stuff that he does there. I have been keeping busy going to the gym and doing some other projects that I have been working on. We finally got all of our furniture from Texas, so we have been working on getting organized. Of course we have way too much stuff, so we are going through it all which is time consuming and at times seems better just the trash it all, and start over.

Sorry this is so long, but I thought I would fill everyone in on us today. Sorry I don't have any pictures, I will post some next time.

Andy and Kelly Together Forever