Saturday, May 2, 2009


Who says that you can only have fun with girl hair.Last weekend we had 80's hairdo day.

It was mo hawks and side ponytails all around.

All it took was a little hair glue, and some hairspray to finish it off.
Well, and of course Emmalee holding still!

It was a fun day for all of us!

These are my 80's babies born in the 2000's.
Say cheese!


Well, like every mother, I think I have the most beautiful children ever.
I love that they make me laugh every day.
I can't imagine life without even one of them.
I am so thankful that God sent them to our family.Jaidyn





We had such a good time hunting for Easter eggs.

The night before we had colored 60 eggs.

Everyone had a great time searching the front yard.

The Uncles had done a very good job at hiding he eggs in some of the most unusual places.
All eggs were found except one that was later found when the yard work was being done the following week. STINKY!!!

Random Shots

These were just some random shots that I have taken of the little ones having fun.Emmalee is in Oreo heaven! I think she actually managed to get it everywhere.
My cute little skinny boy Gavyn.

We have this little wagon that came with blocks in it. We Jaidyn likes to put Emmalee in it and pull her everywhere.

Emmalee has no problem being carted around by her brother. She will even go in the garage and look for it when we go outside.

I wish they could stay like this forever.
Too cute!

Andy and Kelly Together Forever