Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Speghetti And A Nap

Thanks to our Aunt Risa, and the youth conference we enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner last night. She just showed up with a pot full of delicious sauce and a ton of noodles. It was great for a couple of different reasons. 1. I didn't have to cook it! Yea!!! 2. It just tasted great. 3. Who doesn't love spaghetti? Well, Emmalee as you can see totally had her fill of it all. She ate and ate, and then passed out cold on her tray. She was dead asleep until the flash went off in her face. Once she saw the flash she woke up smiling and ready to go from her cat nap.
It was funny watching her try to get comfortable in her high chair. lol

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pioneer Day Celebration

This year we had such a fun time at the pioneer day celebration. Our stake put on a carnival. Our primary was in charge of a face painting booth. So each of the teachers and those others in primary we asked to participate. The volunteers were few, but it worked out and everyone that wanted their faces done got a turn. I ended up doing a 3 hour shift. I have a real flare at painting boys faces, I wonder why? Could it possibly be all the years of Halloween? Maybe!
Most of the teachers were really good at the butterflies and things like that. More of the girly genre, but once I got there, the boys just seemed to be lining up. I ended up having to stay late since my line never went down, and there is nothing worse then letting a little guy down! Here are a few of the faces that I painted.
Logan wanted to be Demon from KISS.

Christian wanted to be a camo army guy.

Jaidyn was no other then Spiderman.
His washed off around his mouth from all of the snow cones and food. He had a great time.

Gavyn was Black Spiderman.

Here is the group!
These are just a few of the many faces that I painted. They ranged from Jack Skellington, to the V for Vendetta guy to super heroes, to army guys, to super villains. I have to admit though, there are a lot of Spidey fans out there.

Walk Across California

In 4th grade, they have this program that is called A Walk Across California. It is one of the coolest things. All the students chose a genre of history that they wanted to dress like. There were kids dressed like Spanish soldiers, oranges, farmers, Indians, and so much more. The night before, we made Logan an Indian costume. In my opinion, his costume was better then the store bought ones. Although, there were some pretty creative ideas for costumes!
The guy that put on the show was a crack up. All the kids got a chance to participate, and interact in the program. I hope this is something that each of my kids get the chance to learn from each year.

Another Crazy Hair Day

Some of the best things about changing school in the middle of the year is having a second crazy hair day! Christian decided that he wanted to have spikes all over his head, and so this is what we came up with. It took us nearly an hour to do this hairdo.
At one point he was in tears because of the tight ponies. I felt so bad. I kept asking him if he wanted me to stop, but he was adamant about me finishing up his hairstyle. He is a crack up. Needless to say he was one of the best hairstyle and definitely one of the craziest!

Logan decided to go for the triple mohawk. His 4th grade class loved his hairdo. I have to admit that my boys looked exceptional in their crazy hairdos.

At the last minute the school moved crazy hair day to Wednesday, instead of Friday, so it was fun to be one of the few students that remembered to do their hair in a crazy hairstyle!

Gavyn is 6

Happy Birthday Gavyn! Our sweet little Gavyn has finally turned 6. When school starts this year he will be in 1st grade! He was so excited to get this Optimus Prime helmet. He has been suggesting is for so long that we just had to get it for him. lol
Gavyn's cake

Happy Birthday Gavyn. Mommy and daddy love you so much, and are so glad that you chose to be in our family! You make our lives so exciting, and definitely keep us on our toes.

The group (minus Emmalee), wishing Gavyn a super happy 6th birthday!

Jaidyn is 4

So, our baby boy Jaidyn has turned 4 already! Is that true that 4 years have gone by since the day he was born? I can hardly believe how much time has just flown by. Jaidyn is one of the sweetest little guys to come to our family. He is never shy of letting anyone know that he loves them.

Happy Birthday little guy we are so lucky to have your sweet spirit in our lives.

Here is Emmalee in the drawer in the kitchen. She has taken a fancy to pulling everything out of them and climbing in. She does this with bookshelves, and other various things.

Andy and Kelly Together Forever