Saturday, April 25, 2009

Logan Is 10

I am feeling really old now. Logan has turned 10 years old!!! For his birthday we decided to make him a 10 layer cake to celebrate the occasion. It took me all night long, but I finished it some time around 1:00am. He was so excited when he saw it in the morning.
The missionaries showed up that night, so we were more then willing to provide them with dessert.

Logan we love you so much. We are so lucky to have a little boy as sweet and special as you in our family. You are a great big brother, always a good example of kindness to them. We hope you had a memorable birthday, and got everything you wanted.

Of course he was so excited when he got Halo Wars. He wasn't expecting it at all, and from the look on his face I think his dad might have chosen right.
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Fun @ Disneyland

On Logans birthday we went to Disneyland to celebrate. Of course we hit up the greatest ride EVER.
Midway Madness, or as I refer to it~ The Mr. Potato Head Ride. We are way too competitive as a family!

While the older boys went on a more scary ride, I took Gavyn and Jaidyn to get some cotton candy.

They would be happy all we did at Disneyland was eat cotton candy. It sure was fun watching them enjoy it though.
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Cody Tuns 16

My youngest brother Cody Tuned 16 on March 12, 2009. I can hardly believe it! Am I really that old?
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Cub Scouts

For scouts Logan and Christian had to make and decorate cakes. So, we went with the usual decorations for scouts. Christian's cake it the cub scout symbol, and Logan's is the American flag.

Gavyn and Jaidyn were showing me how talented they are by putting straws on thier teeth. What can I say? If college doesn't workout, there is always the circus!
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Our Baby Girl

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Emmalee Is One!!!

On February 12, 2009 our sweet baby girl turned one year old.
It is amazing how fast time has flown by. She is an amazing little girl.
He smiles light us all up. Happy birthday Emmalee Dannay Allen.
We all love you very much!
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Andy and Kelly Together Forever