Monday, November 24, 2008


This Wednesday November 19th was Andy's 30th birthday. We actually celebrated it all week long, which was fun for the both of us. I gave him presents all day long that we had gotten for him. Then later that night we had a bunch of our friends over for cake, ice cream, and nothing else but karaoke.
It was fun we all really had a good time.

So, I let Andy pick out what cake he wanted and what he wanted it to say.
He chose to have a turkey cake, because he thought it was better then the flower one, and we were too late to get a super hero cake.
On it he had written, "You've done a good job!" "Thanks for the memories!"
"The 20"s are over!!!"

On Saturday we went to Disneyland, just Andy and I, and hung out. It is our favorite time of year to go there, and we wanted to of course hop on It's A Small World. It was all decorated for Christmas, and after the firework show, they had snow, which was actually just foam, shoot out of the light poles. It was pretty fun.

In conclusion of Andy's birthday, I was planning on listing my 30 favorite things about him!
1. He always thinks of others first.
2. He doesn't mind me sleeping in.
3. He has no problem getting up with the baby at night.
4. He is a great father.
5. He is a wonderful husband.
6. He is honest.
7. He is hard working.
8. He is always striving to be better at whatever it is he is doing.
9. He is patient.
10. He will eat anything I cook.
11. He always asks what I want first.
12. He likes to sing karaoke with me.
13. He doesn't make fun of me when I do something stupid.
14. We think exactly the same.
15. We can ride in the car with each other, and just enjoy the silence.
16. He actually listens to me when I talk.
17. He always interrupts me when I talk. (This is good because it makes me not feel bad for being the same way.)
18. We can laugh together for hours.
19. He likes to snuggle for just the right amount of time.
20. He cooks dinner when I don't want to, without complaining.
21. He helps with everything around the house.
22. He knows that being a stay at home mom is hard, and would never want to change places.
23. He is a worthy priesthood holder.
24. We love the same kind of movies, and is totally willing to sit through a crazy chick flick. For example he took me to see Twilight on Friday.
25. He loves to read.
26. He thinks education is just as important as I think it is.
27. He is my best friend.
28. He looks good in a suit.
29. His is great to gossip to, because I know it stops at him.
30. He married me!
For all of this I am lucky to have you. I love you babe! Happy birthday, I hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So yeah, if you read the title, our baby has definitely got a rear end. However so do all of her brothers. I guess it is the one true gift that I have given to my children, a butt! Now to explain the pictures. Well, Emmalee is standing now, and apparently a Bumbo stuck on her butt is not going to keep her down. She decided to get up and move around with it on.
He legs are so chubby, that she has a hard time wiggling them out on her own. Honestly, we all have a hard time wiggling her legs out of that thing.

Even daddy!

And of course what is the use of turning on the camera without having Gavyn jump in front of it to make sure he gets his photo op in. Yes, that is a horse on his head. It's this funny hand puppet that Andy got the boys from Texas. They enjoy wearing it on their head more then their hand. I guess it is just funnier that way.

Andy and Kelly Together Forever