Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock Climbing

In Woodland Hills they have this really neat fair for the holidays. We took the kids the Friday before Halloween. It was really fun. There was a spooky corn maze that Andy, Logan, and Christian went in. No thank you, but I was so gracious as to pass in fear of being massacred by some crazy nut job hiding out in the corn field.
Instead I hung out with the cute little monsters that came with us. We had so much fun! We milked a fake cow, we panned for gold, and the two little boys went rock climbing! They did so good. I am seriously impressed. I mean I am so afraid of heights that I would have gotten two feet off the ground and froze with fear. But my little mountain goats made it to the top lickety split! Emmalee and I cheered them on from the sidelines.
Once Andy and the two more braver kids of mine were done with the maze, they had to also try their skills on the rock wall. They did just as good. Actually they all did excellent! It was so fun to just hang out and have fun for a change.
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