Friday, October 1, 2010

I Started My Own Business!

Like I am not busy enough, I started my own business! I have a website that you can check out my leis and other things on there. The website is I make custom leis for all occasions. Go and check out the pictures. I am going to expand it to gift baskets and a clothing line also. I am tinkering with a few names for the clothing line. So far it is between Lei Ya and Modess T. I am not sure which way I am going to go with the name yet. Lei Ya sort of goes with the Come On I Wanna Lei Ya name of my company. Plus I want to include a swimwear line. But I love the name Modess T Maybe I will just have two clothing lines, and see if either one of them take off!

This here is the dollor lei. This one has $50 in ones on it.
This lei is the plumeria lei with money butterflies on it. A great way to give cash, and not have to shove it in a card. Plus it makes it fun when they have to go and take the money off to spend it! lol
These are the bride and groom kukui nut money leis They look beautiful once they are on the couple!

And this is the super yummy 7lb. Jolly Rancher Lei! Heavy, but full of fun! I do it with other candies too. You just have to pick your favorite wrapped candy, and I will make it for you!

Go check my site out! It have even more stuff than you are seeing on this blog!
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Tammie Teeter said...

I'm a few years too late, but congratulations on launching your own business! Are you still handling it? How has it been doing so far? I hope it's brought you much achievement and success. I know it must've been pretty scary to start your business up, but I hope it's turned out to be one of the best things you've decided on doing. There's nothing quite like being your own boss! Just remember that opinions and ideas from other people and think tanks can help you grow and evolve for more success!

- Tammie T. -

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